IrcamLAB Released The Snail vers 1.3.1

Oct 5, 2021 by eric Permalink

ircamLab and Plugivery Distribution proudly announce that "The Snail" software has been updated to version I.3.1

The Snail is a very high-precision frequency-domain analyzer that delivers an easy to understand representation of sounds based on the scales and notes aligned in spectrally active zones. Available as a Standalone application for Mac and Windows OS, and AAX, AU and VST3 plug-in.

New Features :

  • New Reduce GPU usage option (advanced settings).
  • ASIO support.

  • Enhancements :

  • Redesigned dB sliders.
  • Redesigned meter.
  • Filter added for all supported audio formats (standalone app).
  • Better preset management and user interface.
  • “Mic gain” renamed “Input gain”.
  • “Visual gain” renamed “Visual emphasis”.
  • Updated menu structure.
  • Documentation update.

  • Bug Fixes :

  • Monitor input was always on no matter the button’s state (standalone app).
  • The Snail Audio Units plugin did not load in Logic Pro (macOS).
  • Documentation could not be opened from within the app or the plugin (Win).
  • Load/Save preset did not work from the menu (macOS).
  • Garbled font for certain UI items (Win).
  • Buttons could have some undesirable intermediary visual state.
  • French note label for Db was wrongly “Do b”.
  • Fixed authorization errors on macOS 10.12.0 and lower
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