IrcamLAB release The Snail version 1.3

Aug 10, 2021 by Ashley Smith Permalink

We're proud to announce the availability of The Snail v1.3 - Standalone application, AAX / AU / VST3 format plugins, for Windows and macOS.

The Snail is a high-precision frequency-domain analyzer that offers a new way of analyzing music or tuning an instrument accurately.

This Tuesday 10th sees the release of version 1.3 with an attractive promotion of just $49, available through our webstore and pro audio resellers worldwide.

A "FREE UPDATE" to all previous owners. Version 1.3 provides extended feature options, improved performance, license activation (supporting up-to 3 machines), documentation overhaul, and more...


New Features:

  • Color grid option
  • Click and Tune
  • Show grid option


  • Significantly improved performances and optimized file size
  • Updated installers with EULA (macOS & Windows)
  • Updated authorization scheme and UI
  • Updated trial period scheme and UI
  • About panel with new Licence button (click on main icon to display)
  • Product name changed: Standalone & Plug-ins now start with The Snail
  • Improved text upon successful authorization
  • Documentation update

Bug Fixes:

  • Undesired background overlay
  • Installer text description for plug-in formats
  • Optimized GPU performance to reduce fan activity
  • Flashy background for audio settings dialog
  • Brief scratchy sound upon opening
  • OpenGL misc. updates to address reported incompatibilities
  • Monophonic audio system (input and/or output) handled more gracefully
  • Signed and notarized installer for macOS 10.15 and up
  • Mac compatibility from 10.7 to 11.1 (inc. ARM machines with Rosetta 2)
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